What is time tracking software?

Posted on 17/09/2018 4:18pm

Time tracking software is a very practical tool that records employees’ performance on computer and mobile devices. It is often used by agencies, firms and enterprises to estimate budget, monitor productivity and invoice clients for work done.

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The more devices the better

It’s important for you and your team to be able to track your time on the largest number of devices job (see full report) platforms. If your team members use various operating system it would be nice to measure time on all of them. Good time tracking software should enable you to track time on both computer and mobile and it would be even better if it operates in cloud, and all platform types: Windows, Linux, OS, iOS, Blackberry and Adroid.

Basic features

Decent time tracker should contain timesheets, timer and reporting. Timer is fine solution if you like to track your activities in real time - then you just start a timer everytime you are about working on a new task. But this is not neccesserily a way that everyone prefer as some of us likes to just work and fill timesheets later. Time tracking software should allow you to do such a thing.
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Reporting is the most important to analyze performance and time distribution in your business. Time tracking software should offer various types of reports like: reports per day, per employee, per task, per project, attendance report and real - time dashboard to control performance on a regular basis.

Additional features

Good time tracking software should be capable to integrate with other software job (see useful site) preferably tools that are used in business like project management, accounting systems and to - do list.

It will also be good if time tracker had an invoicing so you could bill your clients on sight for a work done and measured in time tracker.